PHPBalanceSheet is an effort to implement a web-based accounting package using PHP. It was initiated in response to a real-world situation: when filing a tax return, it is necessary to account for taxable income and tax-deductable expenditure. PHPBalanceSheet will initially fulfill just this role, but ultimately the intention is that it will be extended to encompass many accounting processes and eventually become something similar to a web-based version of, say, Sage Accounts.

Project Page

The PHPBalanceSheet project is hosted by the wonderful people at SourceForge. Many thanks to them for supplying the facilities that I don't have the cash to host myself.

Mailing Lists

If you are interested in helping with the development of PHPBalanceSheet, the first thing you should do is sign up to the phpbalancesheet-devel mailing list.

If you are using PHPBalanceSheet and have problems, support will be available on the phpbalancesheet-users mailing list.

If you are using PHPBalanceSheet and would like to be notified of new releases and other significant announcements, you should sign up to the phpbalancesheet-announce mailing list.


PHPBalanceSheet is developed using the Eclipse SDK, using the TruStudio plugins.

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